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So here we go, the Big News: I HAVE A SPACE FOR MY SHOW! Yes, yes, it is super duper exciting. And amazingly, it was the first space I looked at, and I just couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It is perfect. Let’s first take a look at the location: it’s in the Loop. […]

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Mon, March 29 2010 » Personal, Theater piece » 3 Comments

Waiting game…

So it’s looking like I’ll have some big news to post here tomorrow night, until then I’m gonna have to ask you all to play the waiting game. And, I apologize for not updating the site “later in the week” as I promised last Monday. Lately, I’ve been a little frazzled, talking to actors and […]

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Mon, March 22 2010 » Personal » No Comments

Business Business Business

I sit at the end of a wonderful day. Today, unlike many — most — days in the life of the artist (gosh, it still feels awfully cheesy to use language like that sometimes, but to hell with it), today was full of reassurance. In many different ways I was told to relax, that I […]

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Tue, March 16 2010 » Personal, Research, Theater piece » 3 Comments