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A Temple for Writing

We’re back! It’s been an intense time in my life since I last posted. Some major rearranging of my life took place, including a new abode, which needs to be talked about first.

When I first walked into my new apartment this past February, I saw the corner where I wanted to write my book, Vincent’s Yellow. I couldn’t help but picture the beautiful antique writing desk my boyfriend gave me for Christmas, nestled in a corner between windows. The room is big enough that I can do yoga on hardwood floors with trees all around me — being a third floor apartment, the view out the windows was full of naked tree branches in February. I dreamt of writing surrounded by green shimmering light.

Sounds pretty good, right? So we were supposed to be “just looking” but we couldn’t stop thinking about that space. Securing it filled us with an incredible enthusiasm.

I wanted to paint the walls (my first time!), and yellow was a natural choice. Purple, its complementary color, immediately came into my mind. After consulting at a paint store, I decided most all of the apartment would be different shades of the two colors. But the sun room, functioning as both living room and my office, needed the strongest hues. Vincent’s colors.

The Sunflower/Stars art piece had to go in the sun room (stars in the sun room, since they are the same), as did everything I needed for my book — my research, my map of the Current Locations of Van Gogh’s Paintings, my instruments, my painting — and quickly this room began to feel like a temple.

Vincent’s chair from the show became mine to make art in.

And from this spot, I can see the birds in the trees so clearly.

The first phase of work on my book is to gather the materials. Since the book will take scrapbook form, I have been scanning all my journal entries that mention Vincent. I am just finishing this today.

The earliest piece of writing I have about Vincent turns out to be a poem I wrote when I was eleven, in response to one of his paintings (now a favorite of mine). I now share it with you, reader… I hope you enjoy.

This is the first taste of the book to be shared! Exciting!

Marguerite Gachet in the garden, 1890

Mademoiselle Gachet in her garden at Auvers-sur-Oise, 1890

If you have trouble reading the following, click on the image below until eventually you’ll be able to zoom. Also, enjoy my poetry teacher’s commentary if that appeals to you. :)

I find it interesting that I put myself inside Vincent’s paintings in my first, eleven-year old encounter. I felt like Marguerite, exploring his garden. I still do.

Mademoiselle Gachet in her garden at Auvers-sur-Oise, 1890

In my research, I’ve found that entering the painting is a familiar desire for many Van Gogh fans. It is a fantasy best exemplified by Kurosawa in a segment of  his film Dreams. If you haven’t seen it, watch it when you have ten minutes to spare. It’s exquisite!

Until next time, dear reader… I’ll be posting monthly from now on!

~~~~~~VAN GOGH POPCORN~~~~~~

Loopy Dave’s Mind-Blowing Illustrations

Image by Loopy Dave

Japan uses sunflowers to decontaminate radioactive soil

Okay, it’s not really Van Gogh related, but this article gave me fantasies of sunflowers as far as the eye can see… Also, sunflowers heal the soil? Of course! And let’s not forget that Japan and Vincent are kind of obsessed with each other… It makes me smile, anyway. I think Vincent is smiling too.

Bacon Starry Night

Yes, it’s true. The website even teaches you how to do it yourself.

I think some people have a sickness called Bacon.

On the other end of the cultural spectrum, there’s also apparently a Van Gogh Opera that went up this year in Indiana…!

Starry Night Nail Art

Another amazing DIY that I’m much more tempted to try… click for the instructional video!

Quilled Starry Night

To finish this entry off, an incredible work of art!

Great work Suzy! It’s beautiful! Painting with paper…

Many thanks to Canan, Jeremy, Ivan and others for the links!

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