Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.


My brain has been a blizzard for a year. The debris is only now just settling down. I need to sleep a lot these days — I suppose to compensate for all the sleeping I didn’t do this summer. I digest my memories. The dream came to its natural end, but I was and still […]

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Mon, September 27 2010 » Personal, Popular Culture, Research » 1 Comment


At the end of his life, Vincent van Gogh painted seventy paintings in seventy days. That’s right. The daughter of the innkeeper in Auvers told us that his schedule was quite regular: he woke up bright and early and went out to paint, came back to the inn for lunch, spent the afternoon making the […]

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Mon, June 28 2010 » Personal, Research, Theater piece » 2 Comments

Twitter Performance?

So firstly, interviews are going great. I never really have let myself imagine what kind of performers I might end up using for Vincent’s Yellow… though I knew what kind of qualities I was looking for. While there are some “looks” I’m interested in, I do think that more than anything I find myself looking […]

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Mon, April 12 2010 » Personal, Popular Culture, Research, Theater piece » 1 Comment