Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

Auvers: Part 2

Vincent, after seeing the room where you lived and died, I needed a break. I took a lovely walk around the whole town for a good three hours, stopping to eat a sandwich on the side of the road. You would also take long walks, and I went as far as necessary to see every […]

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Mon, October 26 2009 » Personal, Photo entries, Research, Travel » 3 Comments


It has come to my attention in the past week or so that the tree outside my window turns yellow. This room is ┬ámy studio these days, but it used to be my bedroom for many years. I never noticed the yellow. Lately, this view makes me very happy. In general, Vincent has gotten me […]

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Fri, October 23 2009 » Personal » 2 Comments

Auvers-sur-Oise: Part 1

Auvers, where you lived for such a brief period – the last of your life – in 1890. Auvers, where you painted seventy paintings in seventy days. Auvers, where you shot yourself, where you died, where your bones still reside. A block from the train stop, things look familiar. The town hall. Ghosts greet me. […]

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Mon, October 19 2009 » Personal, Photo entries, Research, Travel » 2 Comments