Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

Encountering Yellow

SO lots of news. I am back in the country. Vacation is over. Vincent’s Yellow is CAST. Let me say that again and allow myself to celebrate one last time before the onslaught of everything else I have to do drowns out the sound. I HAVE ACTORS! YIPPEEE! It also looks like I have a […]

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Mon, May 24 2010 » Personal, Theater piece, Travel » 7 Comments

Vincent’s Map

Today, I am going to show you all something I’ve been meaning to show you for some time! My (and Vincent’s) Map. Firstly, I must admit it is not finished but is in fact a work in progress. Secondly, I must explain. As my research progressed, I became increasingly curious as to where all of […]

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Mon, April 5 2010 » Personal, Popular Culture, Research, Travel » 3 Comments


Yes, it’s time to go back home. But it just so happens I forgot one more thing in Arles! The Fondation Vincent van Gogh, that interesting museum full of art inspired by our lovely fellow traveler. It is necessary to share with you, Reader, at least a bit of what I encountered — my favorites. […]

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Mon, January 4 2010 » Artists Inspired by Vincent, Personal, Photo entries, Travel » 3 Comments