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Dance & Song

Hello dear readers.

Ever since I really saw this painting at the Met in New York City,


I wanted to somehow capture this:


I was pretty pleased with getting a photo of it, and my butterfly net of words managed to at least capture some of its vertigo with poetry, but then I desired to dance. And to sing. In fact, most of Vincent’s great paintings make me bounce my knees. And lean in too close.

I have already written some music for the show, and I have dreamed and dreamed about getting the above rhythm into my body. This week, my cast and I began this aspect of our task.

I sang the songs for them (and amazingly, I wasn’t nervous! which is great progress for me) and they are singing back, tapping an improvised drum back, and expanding with harmony. I’m teaching them some of the soundscapes I have, up until now, only plucked out on my guitar, and their voices fill up those dream-songs like hot air balloons. I’m going to try and share some more of that music with you soon.

We have also begun to try to contain Vincent’s paintings (or let them vibrate, or sing or fly away) in/through our bodies. Here are some of our first corporeal responses to those lovely paintings… Just a taste, I hope you’ll enjoy.

If you’re in Chicago, please consider coming to our first fundraiser party June 22nd, a week from tomorrow!

Tuesday, JUNE 22nd at The Spot (4437 N. Broadway Avenue) at 7pm
Play TRIVIA! Win Money! Drink!
$5 entry

Things are rolling right along, and there’s no stopping it now…

Mon, June 14 2010 » Theater piece

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