Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

Past so heavy, future with so much light

It occurred to me yesterday, these are the moments that will be forgotten. The quiet before the storm. The anxiety and hand-wringing. If I ever come back to this entry, I will likely be surprised. Can it be possible to feel down, depressed, when one is finally realizing so many dreams, when one is doing […]

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Mon, April 26 2010 » Personal, Research, Theater piece » No Comments

Twitter Performance?

So firstly, interviews are going great. I never really have let myself imagine what kind of performers I might end up using for Vincent’s Yellow… though I knew what kind of qualities I was looking for. While there are some “looks” I’m interested in, I do think that more than anything I find myself looking […]

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Mon, April 12 2010 » Personal, Popular Culture, Research, Theater piece » 1 Comment