Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

The Plan

This entry is about the plan for the play, Vincent’s Yellow. The Plan, like the play, like the book, has developed so naturally that it’s almost suspicious. Why suspicious? I never really feel like I’m planning. I just get ideas and they become plans. I’ll explain. I’ve always thought my play about Vincent and I […]

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Mon, February 1 2010 » Personal » 2 Comments

Sowing Seeds

  So I actually saw this ad while waiting in Frankfurt for my layover, and I was instantly taken aback. Why? The Sower is a very common theme for Vincent… And yeah they kinda ripped him off. But I actually like the ad, so no bad blood. Plus, theirs is sparkly. So yesterday I tried the […]

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Sun, August 9 2009 » Personal, Research, Travel » 2 Comments