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Teresa Experiencing Vincent

My friend, Tim Caldwell, managed to sneakily get some shots of me a few days ago at the Van Gogh Museum (where they don’t allow photographs), when I saw Vincent’s painting The Yellow House for the first time; I had actually missed it on the first visit. 

It seems rather bland in prints, but I should’ve known better. It was precisely my low expectations that made me almost burst into tears when I saw it the first time. So here you go, my heart on my… blog. 

As requested, me “experiencing” Vincent.

Experiencing Vincent 1

I die.

Experiencing Vincent 1.5

I write.

Experiencing Vincent 3

I fall.

Experiencing Vincent 2

I am in him.

Wed, August 12 2009 » Personal

3 Responses

  1. Timmy Caldwell August 15 2009 @ 16:17

    It is worth mentioning how privileged I felt being there with you and how impressed I was by the respect shown Vincent’s work by the patrons. The museum is one of many remarkable existing and future (!) tributes to Vincent’s work and life.

  2. JJ August 18 2009 @ 04:36

    It’s all too easy to miss a painting in the VG Museum; there’s so much; it’s overwhelming. Multiple visits definitely required. Wonderful it exists. Thanks due to his sisterinlaw who must have been a saint deal with Vincent and Theo relationship.

  3. Teresa August 18 2009 @ 06:59

    Timmy, I couldn´t agree more. It is an exquisite institution, I was impressed and will always be indebted to them and their help…

    JJ: yes history in general owes Joanna Bonger very much. Not only did she keep track of Vincent’s work and preserve them, she edited, translated and published all the letters between the brothers! She obviously felt very strongly about both of them, because she dedicated her life to their work.

    As for the museum, we also owe her son, Vincent Willem van Gogh a good deal! He inherited the whole thing when Joanna passed away, and the museum did not come to be until 1970s. The museum website has more history to offer us.

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