Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.


I just want to say, I went to Nuenen, where Vincent stayed with his parents for two years and painted much of his work from his early, dark period. I walked for three hours in the pouring rain, with a lousy umbrella and thin poncho and a cheeky grin. When I arrived at his father’s […]

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Wed, August 12 2009 » Personal » 2 Comments

Teresa Experiencing Vincent

My friend, Tim Caldwell, managed to sneakily get some shots of me a few days ago at the Van Gogh Museum (where they don’t allow photographs), when I saw Vincent’s painting The Yellow House for the first time; I had actually missed it on the first visit.  It seems rather bland in prints, but I should’ve known […]

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Wed, August 12 2009 » Personal » 3 Comments