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Another beauty

Vincent’s life used to advertise an investment firm in South Africa – do you know how to recognize a good investment?

It’s actually a pretty well-done video!

Coronation Fund Managers van Gogh

Coronation Fund Mana..

Many thanks to reader Marion BE for the find!

Thu, September 17 2009 » Popular Culture

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  1. Timmy Caldwell September 17 2009 @ 21:13

    Two main impressions: did you see all that paint!? Perfect! And…the last shot–with all those paintings piled up–broke my heart.

  2. Marion BE September 21 2009 @ 02:32

    I loved this advert which played when we were living in South Africa! Never could remember what it was advertising though, other than something financial. But I’d always watch it!

  3. Teresa September 21 2009 @ 22:30

    Timmy, yes, all the paint is just right! Straight from the tube, as it should be.

    Marion, If I saw this commercial on TV, I imagine it would just stop my heart. Thank you again for sharing it with all of us.

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