Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

My last day

I am back at home today, back at my desk and in my familiar room, bedecked with pictures from old Van Gogh calenders, and then some works of my own. My trip is over and it will take me a long time to process the 26 days I spent with you, Vincent. I also have […]

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Mon, August 31 2009 » Personal, Travel » 2 Comments

Back in Amsterdam

I am back. On trains all day from Arles. Arles that charmed me in some ways, and in other ways… I stood where the Yellow House used to be. It got bombed during WWII. But it was almost better because I could occupy the same space as you… All the trains I took today seated […]

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Fri, August 28 2009 » Personal, Travel » 1 Comment

Saint Paul, at Saint Remy

I went to the asylum today, where you stayed for a year. I sat in the space of the reaper, between your bedroom window and the asylum wall. My name means reaper, I am the reaper of your harvest. I saw the low mountains with my own eyes, the Alpilles, and they really are shaped […]

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Wed, August 26 2009 » Personal, Travel » No Comments