Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.



So firstly, I’d like to say: Look at my beautiful cast. They are wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful human beings with whom I have the honor to play, to question, and to riff on my script. After a week of rehearsals, I am so very happy with my casting. I know I made the right decisions.


Jesse Aukeman

Emily Cross

Jesse Manson

and Liza Renzulli

Aren’t they beautiful? I think so. They are also awesome.

It is pretty damn cool to finally dig into this text I’ve been dreaming about for three years and have smart, warm people ask me the tougher, deeper questions. It’s kind of a privilege.

I also want to mention that I spent the long weekend driving my media director/boyfriend to Chicago, from New York. He will start taking video (for this website!) and designing our promotional materials soon. He will also make me happy, but that’s a side note, I suppose. Actually, one of my actors asked me last week how my boyfriend feels about my love for Vincent, and I told my cast the truth: my boyfriend told me not so long ago that he knew he would always be #2. And that is why he is my boyfriend.

Lastly, I had a wonderful meeting with my possible props master. I gave her some reference images for what the apartment should look like, that might be familiar to some of you who have been reading for some time… This is what I want the space to feel like:

The asylum near Saint Remy…

The town of Saint Remy…

Auvers-sur-oise, where you passed away, Vincent…

And, of course, Arles…

My obsession with time — specifically the markings left by time — rears its head here (though I’d argue it’s not an ugly head). My photos which were originally meant simply to capture, now are tools to inspire. I want my audience to walk through a door like a portal, into a room from another place and time.

I write to you now from that room, where magical things will happen. I smile and await the future.

And your arrival.

As of today, June 1st, you can buy tickets to Vincent’s Yellow. Check out the home page, or just go here.

All my love goes to you today, Reader…

Tue, June 1 2010 » Personal, Photo entries, Theater piece

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  1. amaia June 2 2010 @ 16:10

    Teresita! me encanta!!! qué actores más impresionantes!!! jejeje. Tu sueño ya es una realidad, ánimo!!! Vincent estaría muy orgulloso de ti!. Beso

  2. Teresa June 3 2010 @ 00:00

    Estaria orgulloso, no? Eso me hace feliz. :) Y si, es una realidad ya… todo…

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