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Van Gogh’s Christmas Popcorn!

First, a friend sent me a link to this image, and I still cannot figure out who made it. (thanks Rischwa!)

thanks to

INCREDIBLE. Please click on it to look at it full size. The use of clothes pins is ingenious, and I spy a pair of slippers, a two-headed lamp, and an electric keyboard. Do you?

Well, on the search for the artist who made the above art piece (which, if you know who it is, please tell me!) I encountered several other incredible things.

So incredible, I’m making one entry just for all these amazing permutations of Vincent van Gogh. It felt like a little Christmas present to me, so here are my Christmas presents to you.

A Mural of a Self-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh, made with plastic bottle lids, in West Virginia

thanks to

A São Paulo sidewalk turned into a Van Gogh Self-Portrait (with ear)

thanks to

A spooky portrait of the artist by Hyung Koo Kang:

thanks to

A silly portrait of a Simpsonized Van Gogh:

thanks to

A three-inch tall Van Gogh doll, for your pocket (and others!):

thanks to

A Second Life apparition of Vincent van Gogh (I still can’t figure out what this screenshot is of, exactly, but it was taken by Tao Takashi):

thanks to, and Tao Takashi

A Van Gogh Butterfly made of four palettes, a paintbrush and possibly ribbon:

thanks to

And last but definitely not least, the Van Gogh Hot Air Balloon!!!

thanks to

And look at it deflate: his eyes gazing upon us as though he were a giant sleeping… How apropos.

thanks to

Click here to see this photo full-size. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed your popcorn, and I very much hope you enjoy your Holidays!

Tue, December 21 2010 » Artists Inspired by Vincent, Popular Culture

5 Responses

  1. Timmy Caldwell December 22 2010 @ 00:08

    These are AWESOME. I’m not sure what I like best! (Probably the hot air balloon…)

  2. David Heatwole December 23 2010 @ 23:17

    Really enjoyed the piece that is made of the shelves and all the other items. Great job! thanks for including my project in your list of examples.

  3. Teresa December 24 2010 @ 11:38

    David, I’m glad you enjoyed the pieces. I think your work is wonderful! Is it still on display in West Virginia? It’s be a shame if it was taken down…

  4. Wesley Verhoeve December 26 2010 @ 01:57

    Wow, the top photo especially is stunning!

  5. Teresa December 26 2010 @ 16:20

    I’m glad you enjoyed! I find that one piece just mind-blowing. I wish I knew where it was.

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