Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

A Temple for Writing

We’re back! It’s been an intense time in my life since I last posted. Some major rearranging of my life took place, including a new abode, which needs to be talked about first. When I first walked into my new apartment this past February, I saw the corner where I wanted to write my book, […]

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Thu, August 25 2011 » Artists Inspired by Vincent, Personal, Research, Writing the Book » 1 Comment

Van Gogh’s Christmas Popcorn!

First, a friend sent me a link to this image, and I still cannot figure out who made it. (thanks Rischwa!) INCREDIBLE. Please click on it to look at it full size. The use of clothes pins is ingenious, and I spy a pair of slippers, a two-headed lamp, and an electric keyboard. Do you? Well, […]

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Tue, December 21 2010 » Artists Inspired by Vincent, Popular Culture » 5 Comments

The Sunflower

It started with a desire for fabric to fall, and for it to give me yellow silhouettes. It was sparked by ideas of creation and procreation. This set piece had to contain the time I thought maybe I met Vincent, that maybe he was with me. That moment of perfect union of course changed everything […]

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Tue, October 26 2010 » Artists Inspired by Vincent, Personal, Theater piece » 6 Comments