Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

Words for paint

For Vincent I. Smooth silky serpentine Swirl of the tongue Of the brush Around and over under Just up over the back of my ear Wet Salacious Voluminous Tickling me with Color-saturation Vibrant forceful virile Thing Like the crest of a wave Overtaking you Turning you over and around In its insides Like a lick […]

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Mon, January 25 2010 » Personal » 1 Comment


I am in Spain now, just arrived. But before I go to sleep, I wanted to share: I had a few hours between train rides in Paris. In that time, I got to do something I had not before… take a look at your and Theo’s apartment. The building, on a curved street. You remember… […]

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Mon, August 17 2009 » Personal, Travel » 3 Comments