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I am in Spain now, just arrived. But before I go to sleep, I wanted to share: I had a few hours between train rides in Paris. In that time, I got to do something I had not before… take a look at your and Theo’s apartment.


The building, on a curved street. You remember…


They have a sign there now. People like to know about you…


Your door, at 54 Rue Lepic. And what’s that, on the left?

Flower One

Someone left you a sunflower. You are so loved, Vincent. So very loved… It makes me breathe so deeply when I see things like this. All you gave comes back to you, and I know you feel it.

Inspired, and wanting to keep up a good idea…

Flower two

I got you a new one. Hopefully the next person who walks by will want to be part of the cycle.

Apartment sky

I know you are watching, it was a beautiful last day in Paris. Thank you for the sky. I know you looked at it often…

Mon, August 17 2009 » Personal, Travel

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  1. Frederick Butler September 4 2009 @ 11:29

    I often think about this post for no particular reason.

  2. Amaia January 17 2010 @ 17:13


  3. Teresa January 26 2010 @ 11:04

    Frederick: I often think of how you often think of this for no particular reason. :)

    Amaia: Si, era y todavia es emocionante para mi…

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