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The Night Cafe

I am currently staying around the corner from here. You keep walking down this street, past the cafe about twenty feet, turn left, then another block, and that’s where  I am right now. It’s of course called La Cafe Nuit and Cafe Van Gogh now – not its original name – and they’ve since restored it to the way it used to be, so it’s not the original decor. But my, people do like to take pictures of it.

Speaking of, once I can upload photos here, I will show you my photo…

Today, walking around in the Southern light, soon to see the Rhone and many other places you painted, as well as the hospital they sent you to when the incident of the ear occurred; now called L’Espace Van Gogh.

You wouldn’t believe it if you saw it, Vincent.

Then again, you are probably laughing at it from somewhere up in the stars.

Tue, August 25 2009 » Travel

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