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Nuenen Videos!

Some videos taken during my very wet walk through Nuenen, where Vincent lived for two years as a painter. Unedited, and full of the moment!

First, I set off in the rain, for my 5km walk:

Then, as I see the windmill and step in front of one of the signs/markers, it begins to speak to me. I realize after the fact that there’s a button to push to let you hear a related quote from one of Vincent’s letters, but I swear I didn’t push it this time. Must have a motion detector or something. I don’t know, but it creeped me out. Once I recovered, I started taking a video, because the quote was great and the actor actually quite good. Ah, Nuenen in the rain…

It starts raining even more, and I LOVE it!

Last, but certainly not least, I explore the strange alley behind Vincent’s house, and have a sudden revelation…!

Wed, September 30 2009 » Personal, Research, Travel, Video Entries

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  1. Timmy Caldwell October 3 2009 @ 17:11

    These videos charmed the heck out of me. You should have your own program. I would get a TV just to watch you travel and talk about art and life.

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