Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

Leaving Saint Paul

Before we depart the stone walls of the hospital of Saint Paul de Mausole for good, I wanted to leave you with some sounds, and some textures, Reader. Let them drift like ghosts into your ear drums and pupils, and dance along your finger tips, almost real, almost memory…. Walking among his olive trees. The curtains […]

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Mon, December 28 2009 » Personal, Photo entries, Travel, Video Entries » 1 Comment

Saint Paul de Mausole

Ah, the asylum. It was a good sign that upon entering, the visitor was greeted by Vincent’s statue, and large prints of the paintings he created here on display along the old stone walls. Indeed Saint Paul de Mausole proved itself to be one of the most faithful locations, faithful to you, Vincent. Although you […]

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Saint Rémy

Vincent’s Madness (It’s about time we talked about it) A month after Vincent recovered from the infamous ear incident in Arles at the end of 1888, the town got together and signed a petition to kick him out of Arles and send him to an asylum. Upon actually reading the petition, we find their accusations […]

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