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Amsterdam, revisted

As promised, a photo entry today, starting from the beginning of my trip. Unfortunately for you and me, I couldn’t take any photos of the paintings inside this wonderful place. So, even though I offer you my photos from these first six days (click on any photo in the post to be taken to the photo album), most simply show what I found beautiful in Amsterdam, with a few exceptions…

Here’s me working in the Van Gogh Museum library. It was such a perfect, quiet, little haven.

There was also one more thing. I went to No. 13 Jonas Daniel Meyer Plein, an address where Vincent lived for bit, years before ever becoming an artist. At the time, he was hoping to become a clergyman.

Photography by Timothy Caldwell

This was my first experience standing in a place where I knew he had once been many times. After two years of research, and 119 years since his death, it was quite a moment…

Photography by Timothy Caldwell

To my surprise, I was greeted by a particular flower (this is before the sunflower I encountered on his old doorstep in Paris): a rose. My middle name is Rose. So a rose like this one, in exquisite full bloom on a cloudy day, made me feel extraordinarily welcomed.

Mon, September 7 2009 » Research, Travel

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