Vincent's Yellow

a[n] [auto]biography and a love story.

My Locket

I’ve been wearing this locket for almost a year now. ¬†One of my best friends discovered it when we were both in a second hand store in the East Village (when I was living in New York City), and we both instantly knew it was for me. Also, for you.

Locket Closed

A golden book, covered in stars.  Stars you dreamt of, stars where you reside now. Once I saw it, it was obvious what to put inside.

Locket Open

Your paint, of course. These clippings I took from your painting almond blossoms. That painting was a gift to Theo and his wife, Jo, in honor of their newborn baby, Vincent Willem. He would someday found the Van Gogh Museum. With fresh blossoms bursting, it was a celebration of new life. I always keep it close to my heart.

Seriously, I feel guilty when I take it off. :)

Thu, September 3 2009 » Personal

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